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  Caroline Thorington: News - March 2007
  Notes on a few of the Newly Listed Works:
    (See a listing of all new work on the List Of Work page.)
Indiana Sky, 2nd State, by Caroline Thorington • Caroline Thorington received a 2008 Creative Projects Grant from the Arts Council of Montgomery County, MD., to create a suite of lithographs entitled: Star Series: Twin Prints. Twin prints refers to having related images. The project looks at the imagery of star constellations and mythology. One of the Star Series prints, Taurus Reclines in the West with the Pleiades Behind Him ( B&S), is in the 2nd International Printmaking Exhibition, a show of 48 works by artists from four countries. It opened at the Amelie Gallery in Beijing, China in July of 2008 and will travel to Korea, Canada and the United States through 2010. See the Star Series here.
Pegasus Express; L-DC3, by Caroline Thorington • Caroline Thorington was invited to make a three dimensional lithographic airplane, Pegasus Express; L-DC3, for the printed paper airplane exhibition entitled: No Danger, curated by printmaker Ed Bernstein. It was exhibited at the Richmond Airport, in Virginia in March and April of 2008, and will be on display at Perdue University in the fall. See Pegasus Express; L-DC3 in the Other Works gallery.
Wild Card New World, by Caroline Thorington • A new lithograph, Wild Card is part of the Global Warming Folio – a folio of twenty-seven artists' interpretations in prints of this environmental issue. The folio was first displayed at the Southern Graphics Council Meetings in the spring of 2008 and is now traveling internationally to such countries as Japan and Canada as well as throughout the US. See Wild Card in the Other Works gallery.
Contemplating Beetlegeuse, by Caroline Thorington • The Star Series prints began in the Autumn of 2006. Originally planned as a set of six star pictures, the Star Series immediately took on a life of its own and wandered across the sky picking stars and constellations at random for contemplation and depiction. See the Star Series here.
Summer Celebration 8, by Caroline Thorington • Summer Celebration #8 was completed before Summer Celebration #5 and is the last in the Summer Celebration Series. View the Summer Celebration Series in the People gallery.
Summer Celebration 5, by Caroline Thorington • Summer Celebration #5 (Prize Print) received the Ture Bengtz Memorial Prize in the 2007 Boston Printmakers North American Biennial Exhibition held from February 18 through April 1, 2007, at 808 Gallery, Boston University, Boston MA. View the Summer Celebration Series in the People gallery.
Fans 3, by Caroline Thorington • Fans #3 (Prize Print) received the Dickson Purchase Award in the Delta National Small Print Exhibition held at Arkansas State University, AR in October/November 2006. View Fans #3 in the People gallery.
Rue St. Subin, by Caroline Thorington • Rue St. Sabin is a street in Paris, France that is near the place of the Bastille. View Rue St. Sabin in the People gallery.
Sooey, by Caroline Thorington • Soooey was one of eighteen prints created for a trade portfolio entitled Insular Origins. The portfolio was presented at the fall meeting of the Mid Atlantic Print Council in Athens, Ohio, as an Exhibition with a Panel Discussion. View Soooey in the Natural History gallery.
Wye Oak Squirrel, by Caroline Thorington • Wye Oak Squirrel, wood cut, was carved from the end of an oak branch that came from the Champion Wye Oak Tree. In making this commemorative work of art, Thorington joined other Maryland artists in honoring "The Quiet Giant" which stood for over 400 years in the little village of Wye Mills, MD. It was felled by lightning in 2004. View Wye Oak Squirrel in the Natural History gallery. Thorington is one of the artists whose Wye Oak art work can be seen on the on line Wye Oak Gallery

Recent Invitational Exhibitions:
• Passion and Process: Impressions from America’s Master Printmakers, LVAA, Louisville, KY, November 10 2006 – February 5, 2007.
• International Contemporary Lithography, at MoMA Wales, Y Tabernacl - Museum for Modern Art for Wales, UK, March 12 – May 12, 2007.

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